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2017 URSI Young Scientists Award to Our Faculty Member

2017 URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium, 19-26 August 2017, Montreal, Canada.

Dr. Tuba Yilmaz Abdolsaheb, Assistant Professor at the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, was selected by the International Union of Radio Science (URSI) Commission K for 2017 URSI Young Scientist award. Dr. Yilmaz will receive the award at 32nd URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium, to be held in Montreal Canada, August 2017. She will also be presenting her work on microwave glucose sensors with the paper entitled “A comparative Study for Development of Microwave Glucose Sensors ” in the symposium. The goal of the Young Scientist awards is to recognize researchers (under 35 and principal author of the paper) for their innovative contribution to Radio Science and the awards are delivered to recipients every three years at URSI GASS Symposiums.
  • T. Yilmaz, T. Ozturk, S. Joof, "A Comparative Study for Development Of Microwave Glucose Sensors", 32nd International Union of Radio Science General Assembly & Scientific Symposium, 19-26 August 2017, Montreal, Canada. [program]
Congragulations to Dr. Yılmaz and our Researchers.


Our Student and Faculty Member is NI-Engineering Impact Award Finalist

  • Gunes Karabulut Kurt, Selahattin Gokceli, "Using NI Software Defined Radio Solutions as a Testbed of 5G Waveform Research", 2017 NI Engineering Impact Awards Finalist on RF and Mobile Communications Category, May-2017, [] .
NI Engineering Impact Awards
ECE Department Faculty Member Assoc.Prof. Güneş Karabulut Kurt and Telecommunication Engineering Graduate student Selahattin Gökçeli, application submission titled as "Using NI Software Defined Radio Solutions as a Testbed of 5G Waveform Research" has been selected as a finalist in NI Engineering Impact Awards in the RF and Mobile Communications category. Their application application has been recognized among 130 submissions by technical panel of judges as one of the best submissions in RF and Mobile Communications category. Final award winners will be announced on 23 May 2017, during NIWeek 2017 in Texas, Austin.

National Instruments hardware and softwares were used in that application is listed below:

We congragulate our student and faculty member.
Engineering Impact Awards - About

The NI Engineering Impact Awards is an annual technical paper contest for which engineers, scientists, and researchers from around the globe submit papers featuring their most impactful and technically challenging applications created with NI software and hardware. The contest culminates in a truly awe-inspiring event during NIWeek that showcases the year’s top applications and honors the brilliant minds that created them.

Source: National Instruments - Case Study Page
ITU Homepage News - Engineering Impact Awards Finalists #

IEEE CAMA 2016 - "Ulrich L. Rohde Innovative Conference Paper Award"

ECE Department Members were jointly awarded with their co-authored paper in IEEE CAMA 2016.
  • Agah Oktay Ertay, Cafer Uyanık, Semih Doğu, İbrhaim Akduman, Hülya Şahintürk, "A Coplanar Vivaldi Antenna Design with Improved Frequency Response for Microwave Breast Imaging", IEEE International Conference on Antenna Measurements & Applications, 2016, September, Syracuse (NY), USA [PDF] .


Hadis Morkoç Electro-Optical Devices Laboratory Opening

İTÜ Electrical and Elektronics Engineering Faculty 1969 graduate, Prof.Dr. Hadis Morkoç Electro-Optical Devices Laboratory opening ceremony took place on 18 May 2016.
This laboratory will start collabaration of research activities between ECE Department of ITU and Prof.Dr. Hadis Morkoc research group in Virginia Commmonwealth University.
itu-tanitim-2016-1  itu-tanitim-2016-5  itu-tanitim-2016-2 

About the ELD Lab

Electro-optical Devices Laboratory (ELD) is dedicated to photonics research for biomedical applications. TÜBİTAK and BAP grants have been awarded to lab members, to conduct research on Confocal Microendoscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography. Besides optical imaging modalities, the laboratory also focuses on MEMS reliability research, where performance degradation of the microdevices that are used within laser scanning microscopy are mathematically modeled for lifetime prediction.
Assistant Professors Onur Ferhanoğlu, M. Berke Yelten and Fehmi Çivitci are the main responsible researchers of the EDL.

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ICC 2016 - Best Paper Awards to our Faculty Member (ICC 2016)

Assist. Prof. Ertuğrul Başar was awarded with his joint paper in ICC 2016.
  • Ertuğrul Başar, Erdal Panayırcı, Murat Uysal, Harald Haas, "Generalized LED Index Modulation Optical OFDM for MIMO Visible Light Communications Systems", IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2016, May. [pdf]
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ECE Faculty member Assist.Professor Mustafa Altun's project is awarded as a Horizon 2020. Congragulations to our professor. read more...

ITU Electrical-Electronics Engineering Faculty 80th Year Commemoration Event : "On the Paths of Centenarian Maples of ITU EEF" (24 Nov 2014) TMMOB Electrical Engineering Chamber (EMO) and ITU EEF Event took place.
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