Senior Design Projects

  • ECE Department Senior Design Projects (SDP) Rules (After 2017 Fall Term) [PDF]

Important Dates for 2018-2019 Fall Term SDP Students

* Project groups will be formed from 2 to 5 students. At most two faculty members can act as SDP advisors for the same project.
* FORM-1: Project Topic Suggestions shall be submitted by Student Groups of Project Advisors. (Deadline: February 19, 2018)
* FORM-2: Project Topic Preference Forms should get submitted by Student Groups or individual students. (Deadline: March 2, 2018)
* SDP Groups List will be announced on 7th March 2018
    => The Projects Group List has been announced
* FORM-3: SDP Project Proposal Deadline (8th week of Term): 6th April, Friday)
* FORM-4: SDP Interim Progress Report Submission Deadline (Last week of Term): 18th May 2018, Friday)

Important Dates for 2017-2018 Spring Term SDP Students

    => The Projects Group List has been announced
* FORM-4: SDP Interim Progress Report Submission Deadline (8th week of Term): 2nd April 2018, Monday)
* FORM-5: SDP Final Report Submission Deadline (Last day of classes): 18th May 2018, Friday)

 sdp flowchart term 1 image
* Project Logbook, shall be used after project title announced. The first date of Logbook submission deadline is last day of Spring Term 8th week.
 sdp flowchart term 2 image

Appendix (ECE SDP Documents)

  • ✔ ECE Senior Design Project Regulations (After 2017 Fall Term) [PDF] , [PDF-EN]
  • ✔ FORM 1- SDP Topic Proposal Form [DOCX] , [PDF] , [DOCX-EN] , [PDF-EN]
  • ✔ FORM 2- SDP Preference Form (Student Doc) [DOCX] , [PDF] , [DOCX-EN] , [PDF-EN]
  • ✔ FORM 3- SDP Project Proposal Form (Student Doc) [DOCX] , [PDF] , [DOCX-EN] , [PDF-EN]
  •       =>--✔- Project Proposal Guide (Student Doc) [PDF] , [PDF-EN]
  •       =>--✔- Project Student Logbook (Student Doc) [DOCX] , [PDF] , [DOCX-EN] , [PDF-EN]
  •       SDP Project Proposal Evaluation Form
  • FORM 4- SDP Interim Report (Student Doc) [DOCX] , [PDF] , [DOCX-EN] , [PDF-EN]
  •       SDP Interim Report Submission Form (Student Doc) [DOCX] [PDF]
  •       SDP Interim Report Evaluation Form
  • ✔ FORM 5- SDP Project Report Template (Student Doc) [DOCX] , [PDF] , [DOCX-EN] , [PDF-EN]
  •       SDP Submission Form [DOCX] [PDF]
  • FORM 6- SDP Deadline Extension Request Form [DOCX] [PDF]
  • FORM 7- SDP Project Submission and Control Form [DOCX] [PDF]
  • FORM 8- SDP Project Group Evaluation Form (For Advisor) [DOCX] [PDF]
  • FORM 9- SDP Oral Exam Evaluation Form (Oral Exam Committee Members) [DOCX] [PDF]
  • FORM 10- SDP Oral Exam Performance Results Form (For Oral Exam Committee Head) [DOCX] [PDF]

Graduation Projects Document Affective Before 2017 Fall


  1. ITU Senate Principles Regarding Senior Design Projects Assignments, Submissions and Defence (in Turkish)